Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, no one is really commenting to help me out, but I know that there was our opening that we had to prepare for and everything, so I will not be offended, haa.
Anyway, my new Goal for my blog is to make it a conversation for my upcoming unit and to get feedback based on the things that I encounter or that other bloggers think I may encounter related to personal censorship. One of my first questions (as stated in the post below) is what are some questions that students will ask, that are asking for your personal opinions? How far would you go to explain them in the school setting? How do you stay authentic with them, without jeopardizing your job?
Next, I want to search for the things in this particular lesson that show personal censorship, for instance, I have a couple videos and articles about earthquakes in china that I will share, where they say the government lies about how many people died, etc. for certain reasons.

Basically, this lesson will be the vehicle for which I can explain personal censorship in the classroom because it is in the classroom, and all the times that teachers are put in tough situations might not come up in this particular class, but it will get us thinking about them.

Hopefully I can get some more replies to make it work, otherwise I will just keep talking to myself!


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  1. Carly, your comment about the dearth of comments is one of the things I'm seeing as a potential problem I hadn't thought about re. the blogs - the main thing being time.
    I think that maybe these as public sites didn't work as well as them as private "journals" or scrapbooks... but we did talk about that in class.
    Anyway - thanks for your input and always, very insightful.